May 23, 2012

White noise...

White noise is actually soothing and I like to hear something at night while I try to fall asleep, like a fan.  I have had a lot of stress in my life lately so looking at these beautifully soothing photographs that I have collected on my favorite board on Pinterest really calms me and makes me feel good.  Color is great, but, sometimes, to just quiet your mind and relax, white does the trick. My next home will definitely look like one of these photos...I've decided its a must!  How about you? What have you done in your home that really speaks to you and relaxes you? A wallpaper? painted furniture? art? Do share, I'd love to know! ;-))

All images via Pinterest

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  1. I always love those all-white photos, however I'm such a slob I could never keep it so pristine... I wish I knew their secret. It makes for great inspiration.... Maybe I'll opt for black and white in my next room re-do (mostly black) lol.

  2. These certainly look like peaceful spaces - thanks for sharing! Tracey xx