July 16, 2012

Feng Shui tips for good luck...

Anyone out there interested in Feng Shui? I find it very fascinating and would love to have a Feng Shui consultant come into my home and do his/her thing! Prosperity? check; Good fortune? check; Success? check; Money and lots of it? check - sign me up! I have a couple of books and love reading about all the different things you can do in your home to help your life in all areas - love, money, career and family. So here is an interesting one: 

Good luck and who doesn't need a little bit of that every day?? 

To invite good luck into your home and right to your front door - paint it bright red! Apparently Chinese homes and churches have been red for centuries...it is the color of prosperity in Asia.

Next, you must clear clutter from your hallway as luck enters through the front door
and hall - clean it up or the luck will be stalled or stagnate;

Finally, kelly green, the color of money will bring you luck if you decorate with
it around the house - I chose green walls and a green piano here, but, you can use
kelly green pillows, duvets or towels to name a few.

Aren't these walls stunning? Especially with the pink and gold...

Who doesn't love the color of money?? I love this green piano -

See you soon!


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  1. Bring on the luck and the money! I guess I better get busy repainting - my front door is black and I don't have a thing in my house that is kelly green! Feng Shui is an interesting theory.

  2. These are beautiful! That red door is just irresistible. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx