July 1, 2012

Sunday breakfast...

I wanted to share pictures of my Sunday breakfast with you...I bought some fresh strawberries yesterday and had to take pictures of them - their rich red color is beautiful.  I had cereal with blueberries as well in my vintage china and a cup of tea. Won't you join me?

I love the colors of these...they match the strawberries...

Vintage tablecloth and teacup...

Farm fresh strawberries...

These images are unaltered. Since Picnik is gone, I 
don't use a program and have yet to find one. Any

Strawbs on my lovely little vintage plate...can you 
believe, this is a Homer Laughlin plate!

My new camera takes great pictures without having to alter

Matching colors - rug, table and deer antler above...

Kashi with blueberries in vintage English Staffordshire 

Of course, the requisite cup 'o tea...

(images by me)

How is your Sunday so far? Relaxing? Finding inspiration? 

Reading a good book? Errands? Antiquing? The world is 

your oyster!

See you soon! 


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  1. The vintage tablecloth and cup remind me of my mom - I love the way the design is carried to the inside of the cup... We don't see that much anymore.

  2. mmm now that looks like a tasty and wholesome breakfast!