September 8, 2012

Tour my cottage...

I recently downsized from a 2,000+ square foot home to a little over 600 feet of living space. With this change, I had to get rid of a lot of furniture, stuff, lamps, knick-knacks, clothes, shoes, handbags...well, you get the idea.  It was a very cathartic experience and I am currently living in about two rooms. I had most of the furniture here, all I brought were my two favorite rugs,  (from my mother and grandmother) a chair, two ottomans and some pillows. Welcome to my little cottage by the lake!!:

Living room rug my mother gave me -

Bedroom vignette with shabby dresser bought for $95
and Anne Harwell print -

Sitting room (and guest room) with Chinese art deco rug that belonged to my
grandmother, $69 IKEA chair, vintage leather stool, fabric throw
 from Israel and Scooter the cat

Hallway with IKEA mirrors bought years ago, vintage sign...

View into the living room with a wicker chair bought for $10 and 
painted bright yellow by me...

Hallway with Scooter who wants to go out...;-)) the floor
is brick -

Reflection in vintage mirror I painted yellow...settee bought
at vintage store for $125 -

Rug details...curtains from JC Penney bought years ago...they are
blue + white check -

Print by Gray Harwell and a thrift store mirror -

(images by me)

My favorite plants and view out the kitchen window - woods
and more woods - perfect for 'serenity now!' - a view of
woods is supposed to be great 'Feng Shui' -

I painted the cottage white and added lots of yellow, blue and 
turquoise...gorgeous colors that I love to live with -

Thanks for joining me on my little cottage tour - I didn't make the 
photos look too 'glamorous' or stage it too much, so you will
notice shoes, a wire and a box for Scootie to sleep in - ;-0

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

If you would like help decorating your home, I would love to help, so please email me for pricing and details at


  1. Darling cabin - it looks so comfy! Small spaces seem to create a cocoon, and in the middle of the woods! Perfect, I grew up in the mountains so I can relate. I love the fresh white - perfect background for those bright colors. It looks like Scooter is adjusting quite well.

  2. That's a big change! Not long ago I too had a big downsize in living space. Doing the big purge is very cathartic, isn't t? Your cottage is adorable. Have a nice weekend!