November 5, 2012

Dear design diary...

I was so excited to see Ruthie Sommers in the new issue of 'Veranda!' - I haven't seen any of her work recently so its about time as she is one of my favorites. What a gorgeous home in Chicago - with signature Ruthie touches- pink, elephants, lots of color, Palm Beach style and wallpaper. Feast your eyes and let me know which room is your favorite!!

Purple, yellow and an elephant table 

Soothing and love the rugs -

Parisian salon style -

Lacquered walls - dramatic

Soft pink and tailored curtains

Gorgeous wallpaper in gray with green - stunning

Pink, pink and pink!

Gorgeous mirror, lattice cabinets and that light -

(all images by Francesco Lagnese for VERANDA)

Love the inspiration of Ruthie's style in these rooms - does it give you
any ideas to try in your home?  Paint color? wallpaper?
lighting? mirrors in the living room?

Food for thought -

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  1. I absolutely love those upholstered doors - they were the first thing that I saw when I read the article. I love her work.

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  3. I would never have guessed this was Chicago! Such vibrant colours.

  4. I loved Ruthie's work in that house, too, Sarah. Just gorgeous! xo