November 3, 2012

Endless inspiration...

Its been a roller coaster week with Hurricane Sandy devastating my home state of New Jersey - the images of the Jersey shore in ruins is very heartbreaking for all of us, not to mention that my 82 year old father has been without power for 5 days but just got it back two hours ago! I am beyond thrilled! I was so worried as I know what its like after living in New Hampshire and losing power on a regular basis, and during storms for a few days.

 I have had lots of personal changes in the last six months and I am now living at the beach in Maine, which has been phenomenal, in a word.  A co-worker told me I would take it for granted after awhile, but, I went for two walks on the beach today and I will NEVER take it for granted. I wanted to share my photos that I have been taking on my walks...I have never been so inspired, its unreal. I don't leave the house without my camera in case there is a great photo - do you feel this way? I have loved taking pictures since my Dad gave me a Canon Canonet 28 for my 17th birthday - what a great camera it was, you couldn't take a bad picture. Now, with digital, its amazing that a camera that doesn't cost a huge amount of money still takes fabulous photos. Enjoy and have a great Sunday and enjoy the EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP!!! ;-0

Took the last few pics tonight on my second walk of the day - on weekends, 
I walk twice!  It is so relaxing and wonderful to walk on the beach, I 
never want to leave! Though, I saw the wrath of the ocean last week -
Hurricane Sandy is a reminder of Mother Nature's power -
Don't forget to turn the clocks back tonight! 
Happy sleeping -

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Those sunset images are amazing! Appreciating the little things is so important - I think It keeps us grounded. Glad you made it through the storm safe & sound and that you family is OK. It's nice to see you back online.

  2. Beautiful photos Sarah and I'm so glad to hear you and your family are ok. I know how hard it can be recovering from a storm like that as we're in an area that suffers from them too. Glad to hear the power is back on :) xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  3. These photos are amazing. I especially love the second one.

    <3 Melissa

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments and your support! - ;-)) makes my day!