January 22, 2013

Best of MI...Organizing the closet 101...


January is a great time to clean out, organize, throw out, reorganize and putter around when its cold outside.  I used to work for a closet company and learned the right way to organize my closet - if you are at wit's end, keep reading and get organized once and for all!! 

Ok, here's the deal...I cleaned my linen closet yesterday and then decided to clean out my clothes closet and...um...3 hours later my back and feet were killing me because I went crazy and ended up getting rid of most of my clothes and then some!! Sooo, I thought these pictures were fabulous of what I would REALLY like my closet to look like, but, doesn't even resemble.

I used to design and sell closets for a local company and the first thing we did on a consultation was advise the client to throw out what they haven't worn in a year or less and basically just chuck out everything else not being used. That includes the 'I'll keep this skirt just in case I wear it in the future' - well, that happened to me and I realized 5 years went by and guess what??? I NEVER WORE IT!!!

Next step is, once the closet is cleaned out, its time to arrange the clothing by style for easy dressing in the morning. So, I have all my blouses together, slacks, short sleeved shirts, jackets and so on...it really makes life easier to have everything hanging together.

I highly recommend wooden hangers - they are great for keeping shirts shapes (try saying that 3 times fast)...also, the slim velvet hangers that allow you to hang more clothes in a tighter space...plus you can buy so many pretty fabric boxes now to keep all your extras in...

This closet is a good example of using space efficiently...by having the double hung areas, it allows you to have more clothes in a small space instead of one long bar along a closet.

I try to keep moth repellent handy as well - I lived in a house where I had an infestation and it was a nightmare, so its always good to store woolens in an airtight container or bag. I just bought travel bags that don't allow any mildew, mold or pests on your fabrics. Love these! I'm going back to buy a few more...

I also want to buy a nice handbag hanger this week - it keeps all your handbags in one place...I have been keeping mine inside another big bag!!! I know you all have probably heard or read about closet organization before so I hope you don't mind me blathering about it.  Oh, and I took control of the linen closet by labeling all the towel piles because I have people (um, hubby and sons) who keep grabbing any old towel - usually a swim towel to dry off.  It just makes more laundry right?

Hope you have a great week and please visit again and say hi!!

(images California Closets)

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  1. Thanks for the tip on travel bags and woolens - My husband just found a hole nibbled into a sweater that was new this fall. Argh.... I tried the mothballs - I could hardly walk into the closet! Now I have some cedar blocks, hoping to stave off more damage. I smells a lot better, but who knows how effective they are.