January 12, 2013

Best of MI...Saturday in the kitchen favorite...

BEST OF MI series...from January 2012 -Spotlight on Designer Krista Ewart 

I absolutely LOVE Krista Ewart and guess who she started out working with? The fabulous Ruthie Sommers! You can see Ruthie's influence in this great little California kitchen Krista designed for her sister.  The colors, the whimsical touches and materials are just stunning. In her other rooms, she always includes animals in the form of statues, and Ruthie adds this touch to rooms as well.  Happy Saturday!!

While it has started snowing here and I have to head to work soon, this little kitchen by Krista Ewart is too pretty to pass for posting. It is in a sunny little California cottage that was featured in HB a couple of years ago. Some of you may know, Krista used to work alongside Ruthie Sommers, and you can see her influence in Krista's work.

Perfectly pink on a wintry day, the fridge is probably my favorite feature, as well as the 'Keep Calm' poster and the wood detail. The colors are so fresh with the always-fabulous white.

(image by Victoria Pearson)

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  1. The scollops are just the the right touch - they take me back to the wonderful 50's... Thanks for the smile.