February 15, 2013

What a difference a week makes...;-)

This was the scene of my buried car last weekend! I was so worried because I had to fly to Kohler, Wisconsin on Monday and this was what I was looking at late Saturday.  Luckily, I got out and made the trip and it was a great - lots of exciting new products coming out soon - it was great to be among the first to see them and meet the product designers.  Check out my car!

Yes, that is my passenger side window peeking out there!

Oy vey!

This was pretty daunting! Considering I had to drive out of 
town the next day!


Aaaah, AFTER the blizzard and dig out -

My little orange bug out of the snow pile!

Have a great weekend everybody!! ;-))

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  1. Oh my, that was a LOT of snow! (and what a fun car you have!)