September 24, 2013

Best of MI...Dreaming of white...

Hello bloggers! Its been ages and I do apologize, but I seem to have lost my 'mojo' - and I'm having trouble getting it back.  So please bear with me while I try to sort it out...bringing you a post from 2011 about white and it features one of my faves, Swedish design.  How are you all doing? Any plans for the fall?

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I can't shake it...these white interiors are not just speaking to me, they are shouting! Rather dramatic, but I wanted to make the point.  I think because it is summer, it is easy to love white and I will have something special I just got to show you later in the week. For now, feast the eyes on these fabulous photos of Swedish apartments courtesy of my blogging friend Tiina at Elce Stockholm - it's no secret that the Scandinavian style is so sought after as you can see -

I love all of these and this last photo is a Windsor Smith design - I think what I really love about white is that it allows other colors to 'pop' and really shine in a space. For more Swedish design, visit Tiina here. I hope you are all having a great week!!

(Windsor Smith via House of Turquoise)

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  1. I love the way the light's pattern plays upon the white walls - wallpaper without the expense! Although I still am fond of my color saturated neutrals - white is rapidly gaining favor in my heart!