September 2, 2013

Travels in Maine...

Hi folks! Its been WAY too long since I posted, probably the longest I've ever NOT posted.  Life...lots going on and I'm gearing up for another big move, so I have things going on right now that don't allow me to spend too much time on the computer.  If I do, its a quick check of facebook, twitter and other social media.

 Lately, its been difficult to have the drive or inspiration to post - do you feel this? I know a lot of you do, and its hard. I have been blogging a long time now and still love it, but, will be reassessing my goals, future and what I want to achieve in the next two months. I feel like the change from summer to fall is a good time to look inward.  What are your plans and goals? I don't do enough of this, so its time to start!!

Have a great rest of the Labor Day weekend and I will see you sooner rather than later!! xoxo

"You can't get there from here - ayup!"

Waterfall in Byron, Maine

Height of Land - Lake Mooselookmeguntic 

Breathtaking views!

Yours truly with my friend Ann's dog Benny - how cute
is he?

Height of Land

Rangeley Lake

View from Saddleback Ski Resort

Another day, another view - Kennebunkport, Maine

Lunch at The Boathouse Hotel in Kennebunkport

Boats in Kennebunkport, Maine

Maine is such a beautiful state - one day you can be 4,000 feet above
sea level and the next day, back at sea level on the coast - no
shortage of beauty here -

Have a great day!! xoxo


  1. Life certainly has a way of filling up our days, and on that note - I've noticed a lot of bloggers that I follow have been taking a break lately. I think it's a good idea to step back, reflect & rejuvenate.

    Those pictures are wonderful BTW- someday I'm going to visit your beautiful state.


  2. Such fun filled photos you have posted! Love them all.. The Rangeley Lake looks so good, I am sure it would have re-vitalized you by every means ;) .. Thats like a spiritual healer !

    PS Benny looks so adorable!

    Love & hugs
    Jessica x