October 22, 2013

Design idea #1...curtain as a room divider...

I want to share with you a design 'tip' that I have used and would like to highlight for inspiration.  If you have a hallway or entrance that needs to be visually separated from a living area, or that might be draughty in the winter, or, just needs a little spicing up with color and pattern, then go ahead and add a single panel or pair of curtains.

In my cottage, I added a single panel curtain, though I have used a pair in the past.  One curtain does the trick here. The hallway is a brick floor and one wall is wood paneling (the other is two windows), so, to give it some 'oomph' and add color and pattern in both the living room and hall, I added a blue and white check Swedish style curtain. It also distinguishes between the two areas since there is no door here. I got these curtains a long time ago on sale at JC Penney's home store. I don't think I paid more than $15 for them, so they were a bargain.

View from hall into the living room giving the impression of two
distinct spaces

Curtain is blue, but shows as 'grey-ish' here because of the light

Rugs add more color and tie in with the blue checks in the living room

Looking into the hallway, I know, the paneling is very 70's,
but I love the look of it here - mirrors are from IKEA
and the 'LAKE' sign is vintage

Here, you can see the brick floor and a glimpse into the front
bedroom with my vintage leather footstool I scored for $25!!
The chair is IKEA's Poang with white cover, antique Art
Deco rug

The curtain adds just enough to this application to give the room some
'oomph' as I like to call it.  I can switch it up with a different colored
curtain or add a sheer with it.

When I lived in England, I knew some friends who liked to cover their
front door with a velvet curtain to keep out the cold.

How have you visually separated a space with no door?

What do you do to add some warmth, color or pattern to an entrance
or hallway?

(images by me)


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  1. What a charming entrance! I imagine the curtain also gives a little bit of privacy as well (the disadvantages of having glass in your front door). Great idea.

  2. Your space looks adorable Sarah! Love everything about it xx

  3. I want to share with you a design 'tip' that I have used and would like to highlight for inspiration. If you have a hallway or entrance that needs to ... dividercurtain.blogspot.com