December 19, 2013

Best of MI...Dear Design Diary...Windsor Smith...

This is from January 2011 and I loved this issue of House Beautiful for featuring this gorgeous home of Windsor's.  I love dipping into my archives, of which there is so much to choose from!  I have been blogging for a long time now.  Hope you all have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


The last issue of House Beautiful had a couple of standouts for me...I know you love Windsor Smith and I just couldn't help going back to look at a couple of her rooms again and again. Her use of color, texture and fabrics just blend together so well and makes me want to redesign my living room and bedroom following her aesthetic:

The living room features an overall silver and white color scheme with hand painted de Gournay wallpaper that is just lovely. Notice the different textures (coffee table, chandelier, silk pillows) and the navy blue doors in the hallway...I think the white sofas give the room a more relaxed feel, making this space an expert mix of glamorous and casual chic...

Well, Peter Dunham is one big reason I love this room - that is his fabric and wallpaper - 'Samarkand' and I love the bed matching the wall! Note the metal bed, lantern, Moroccan pouf and wicker chair - so stunning! So, Dear Design Diary...make my wish come true and redo my rooms like these please!!!

(images by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful)
(Interior Design by Windsor Smith)

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  1. I like the way she has transitioned the blue from one room to another. I'm not sure about the white floors though!