December 17, 2013

All about the color...purple...

This is one of my all time favorite designs by New Orleans designer Hal Williamson in House Beautiful and I studied these pictures when I got my issue.  I had never thought about the color purple much before this article, but, he uses these muted tones so well that I fell in love with the color.  I would especially love to use Martha Stewart's 'Shantung' (for Sherwin Williams) if its still available.  I remember I went out and got samples of this color while I was still in design school and used it in a project.  I love the style of furniture in this house as well as the colors.  

Do you love it or not?  Would you use these muted purple/lavender tones in your home or for a client's house?

Benjamin Moore's 'Driftscape Tan' which reads lavender
Such a gorgeous mix of furniture and materials

You can just spy the iconic Beverly Hills wallpaper
in the kitchen of large banana leaves

Silky curtains and a photo of Ella Fitzgerald in the parlor
Walls are 'Grisaille' by Martha Stewart, another
muted lavender

Martha Stewart's 'Shantung' for Sherwin Williams
Silkscreen of Mahalia Jackson by New Orleans artist
Richard Thomas
Toile  'Louisiana Purchase'

(interior design by Hal Williamson)
(images by John Kernick)

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  1. I certainly would be a happy camper here! Purple is my favorite color, and I've had my share of rooms painted purple, I even had a purple car when I was in college. Today I tend to go for the greys that have violet undertones.