December 28, 2013

Decorative ideas for a holiday party...

Hello and welcome to the weekend!  I have a special column today to help you with last minute ideas for decorating your holiday party.  With New Year's Eve this week, its time to get it going!! So, let's get the party started!! 

Elegant Decorative Ideas for your Holiday Party without Spending a Dime

With Christmas now over, you are faced with the realization that it’s time to start decorating for your annual holiday party. There’s no need to fret and start running to the nearest store for decorations. You have all you need in your Christmas storage box and then some.

Whether it’s a winter wonderland outside your front window or not, you can create that warm and fuzzy feeling in your home with a little help of the imagination. Always infuse your personality in
everything you do. Most importantly, choose a color theme that works best with your home decor.
The goal is to use what you have to make a dazzling statement.

Ideas for the entryway

It wouldn’t be Christmas without all those greeting cards and colored envelopes from friends and family.
Don’t leave them in a pile on your kitchen table; use them as fun and colorful garland to drape around an entryway mirror. Just simply poke a hole in each card and use a festive ribbon.

Create a wintry scene using mini Christmas trees, holiday figurines and reindeer. Use a white piece of fabric you find in the home or extra large cotton balls and fluff them out to make snow.

Design your very own vinyl banners using ribbon and Christmas cards and cut them out to spell “Happy Holidays” or “Merry and Bright”. Hang it from a prominent wall so that guests will see it as they walk in.

The tabletop

Don’t spend a fortune on floral decorations, use what you have. Grab three vases of varying sizes and fill them with ornaments or holiday candies. Use a mix of bright color or go silver and pale blue for a more sophisticated look.

Bring some nature into your home by cutting a pine branch or holly branch from the yard and place it around a vase filled with cranberries. The rich red and green definitely says “Merry Christmas.”

Don’t forget the chandelier! Make a statement from above by dangling crystal ornaments or fun snowflakes on beautiful ribbon. Your guests will love it.



These are just a few simple and easy ways to get holiday party ready without spending a dime on expensive decorations. Breathe new life into your holiday decorations with a little imagination and have fun.

(additional images by me)

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope these tips help you with your holiday party!!

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  1. This column came just in time…good suggestions. It is our turn to host the New Years Eve party this year (we take turns in the neighborhood - so we don't have to drive after some adult beverages). I have been debating whether to take our tree down or to leave it up - as we have a small living room I need the space for seating. A dilemma for sure. I decorated simply this year - only using shiny metallics, with pine cones & branches - so just a few extra touches and I'm set. Have a great weekend! XO