January 25, 2014

Saturday in the kitchen...

Hello blog world! How are you? I have been nursing the cold (or flu) from HELL for the past two weeks and I'm still not 100%!  I will do some yoga today and try to get back into my fitness routine, as I haven't exercised for the better part of two weeks and I'm used to moving or walking every day.  

I haven't had much inspiration lately either for blogging, so when the notion strikes me, I will post.  How are you?  Any new ideas or things going on you would like to share here? Please feel free and thanks for stopping by!

Would you like to stop in and have a cup of coffee or tea in this bright, beautiful Scandinavian kitchen?  I love the fact there is NO clutter here at all.  It looks so fresh and appealing to me.  Would you like a kitchen like this or would you add more - more color, texture or stuff?  Do share...

Architect Katrien van Doren

Enjoy your weekend! 

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1 comment:

  1. I like the plywood cupboards. It always amazes me how people live with no clutter - where do they store all of their stuff…maybe it's just styled for the shot?