January 30, 2014

Fab fashion...inspiration...

Time for a little change of pace!  I love fashion and thought I would share a couple of items from two European brands that are so chic, there is something for everyone, especially petites, which is what I am.  I have trouble finding clothes that fit me properly and usually find the petite sections are woefully short of chic clothes as compared to regular sizes.  I can wear some regular size shirts, but, trousers, coats, bathing suits and sweaters usually have to be cut in a petite size.  I included a couple of handbags, because, well,  I LOVE LOVE handbags as I'm sure you do too. 

How do you find your clothing?  I also find sizes vary from brand to brand, which is apparently normal.  One reason I love Chico's is that you can buy your sizes in 1, 2 or 3!! How great is that?  Let me know any shopping secrets you may have, I would love to hear!



This bag just ROCKS!!

Can you tell I LOVE DOTS?? LOVE!!

Thank you Diane von Furstenberg -
the wrap dress is versatile, flattering
and sexy - 'nuff said

A tweed jacket to go with my entire
wardrobe? yes please!

A sexy black dress is a MUST HAVE for any
wardrobe -

I LOVE a handbag in red, so pink is just as
pretty and flattering to ANY color in your
wardrobe...plus the flowers, adorable

A sweater jacket for cool nights in spring or
 fall - perfect

Bootcut jeans flatter EVERYONE, these are
a must have for tall and petite alike -
(images bodenusa & laredoute)

How do you like?  I love all these - which is
your fave??

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Thanks for stopping by - have a GREAT
rest of the week!



  1. I tend to stay with the same brands - Gap and Loft are my go to stores because I they offer petites, I know my size, & I tend to go for more tailored clothing. Your Pinterest fashion board rocks by the way!