April 20, 2014

Happy Easter and a Best of MI...

Have a great Easter Sunday!  I thought I would post this fabulous picture from a few years ago...I am loving pink this season in all forms.  Just bought a piece of pink clothing, a vest, and have a lovely pink infinity scarf. It is so indicative of Easter to me...enjoy.



Wow! A foyer is your first look when you walk into a home, kind of like a first impression when you meet someone, you notice what they are wearing.  I love that this designer chose this gorgeous pink, Benjamin Moore's Razzle Dazzle (indeed!) to greet guests - what a design statement!  Would you paint your entryway hot pink?

Not to be forgotten is the beautiful vintage NEEDLEPOINT chair - can you believe? Jonathan Berger is the designer and I am his newest fan!

(image Francesco Lagnese)

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  1. I love needlepoint - my mom and I made needlepoint chair covers for her Duncan Phyfe dining set (now at my house). Unfortunately they are now in need of recovering. Your comparison of first impressions is spot on. Nice post. Hope you are having a great Easter.

  2. Hello Sarah- how are you? Thanks for checking in on me the other day...getting the hang of the whole Mama thing I guess (which doesn't leave time for much else. I can't believe that chair is completely covered in needlepoint. That is impressive dedication!
    i hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  3. What's your instagram? I'll follow! mine is lisamendedesign