April 26, 2014


Finally, I have Instagram and thought I would share some pictures I have been taking today.  I have been really terrible about posting, but, I am working full time now and just don't have the time I used to.  I am 'out of the groove' so to speak.

I hope everyone is enjoying spring here in this part of the world, though I know, Down Under its fall.

Have a great weekend!

Lots of flowers on my walks and interesting architecture -
also my Dad's cute cat named 'Little' -
I know I'm late to the Instagram game, but, I'm loving it!

(images by me)

If you need help with any decorating scheme, please contact me
at monacointeriors76@yahoo.com.


  1. I'm so glad you are now on instagram - I love it! I'll be sure to follow you.

  2. I love Instagram too! Would love to follow you- what is your handle/address?