May 10, 2014

Saturday in the kitchen...

Well, my God, its been ages and ages since I've visited my space here.  I started working full time and have been so busy, my little blog has taken a (way) back seat in my life.  I have been blogging for years and its had its ups and downs, so this must be a down phase. I was so committed to it in the beginning, but when it didn't really 'grow' too much, I lost interest. There is so much competition and I just don't dig that at all so, oh well. I so wanted my space to become something, but, I guess its just not part of the plan for me.  I find social media is a way of life now, as I'm sure you all do too. I am on facebook a lot, and with two accounts, that's enough.  I love instagram and take a lot of pics for facebook, but haven't figured out how the heck to link it to both accounts. 

The interior design is on the back burner as well.  I am disappointed as I spent $10,000 to go back to school for interior design only to find retail jobs working 24/7 that you don't need a bloody degree for.  Any design firms want experience, which if you don't have any, how is this possible? And they all want CAD, which I don't do.  However, I am open to and available for design services online. Please check out my VirtualDecor pricing and information.  Sorry, I am venting and damn, it feels good. 

So, back to my 'Saturday in the kitchen' column, which I always enjoyed. It is very hot here today in the New York city area....finally...after a rather brutal winter.  I was in Los Angeles last week for work which was great fun as I got to see a couple of friends I haven't seen in YEARS!!  Spent some time on the Queen Mary in Long Beach as well. My mother sailed over on her from the UK in the early 1950's, and I love ships so it was great to be back there. 

Hope you all have a fantastic Mother's Day wherever you are!

What do you love about this kitchen?  The wall? lighting? island? floor?  I love the whole room!! Especially the wall - gorgeous -

I am available for design services via email with VirtualDecor-
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  1. This is a great kitchen. I love the way they have used two different counter materials. The wooden island really echoes the colors in that gorgeous wall. Have a great weekend.