December 14, 2014

In the spirit...

Hello bloggers! I haven't posted since May and it feels like its been that long.  Sort of lost the old mojo if you know what I mean...but in the spirit of Christmas, I think its time to hit the blog again. Are you in the spirit? Have you bought all you need in the way of presents? More shopping to do? Well, I still have some items for sale in my shop, so if you are interested please private message me for price and paypal receipt.  I would love to see these items go this are some images of things in my life I have taken from the last two weeks. .hope you enjoy your Sunday!

My little Christmas tree

Out for a walk last weekend

In New York City a couple of weeks ago-the Flatiron

My great grandfather in California in about 1918 in the
passenger seat - on a trip out west to Alaska, CA and

My father's new kitten, Stoney ready to pounce-
she had an eye issue when she was found (stray) so
the eye had to be removed

Stoney sleeping with her little tongue showing

It was two years ago December 9th that I lost my best friend
Scooter...I posted this for an 'In Memoriam' on my facebook page

(all images by me)

See you soon!


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