February 3, 2010

Ravishing red...

In honor of Valentine's Day this month, I am going to be posting pictures with red -- red accents, red anything. I agree with interior designer Alessandra Branca that every room should have red in it. I personally love red in any room, whether it is a pillow, a chair, a vase, a lampshade...you name it!
One of my favorite combinations is red and yellow. When I lived in London, it was grey, a lot, and all the interior design magazines featured fabulous country homes with lots of red, red, red. Another interior designer, Kathryn Ireland, is also a fan of red. I love her use of ikat and Indian-influenced fabrics that give her rooms such a unique look.
How about an all white room with dashes of red here and there? or a red and white kitchen? so refreshing and a change from the usual choice of blue! do you like red? would you put red in a room as an accent color?

1 comment:

  1. I love red and it is the perfect accent for any room...Have a happy weekend. xv