May 25, 2010

Kitchen Kool...

Wow! if you like turquoise, you will love this kitchen! Sleek, shiny and retro...check out the ceiling! the lights, the counter tops and that island...the pops of yellow with lemons, the blender and the floor. Notice too the blue inside the wall cupboard. Such attention to detail. A cool, icy drink should be made in here for a hot summer day!

Kitchen designed by William Diamond and Anthony Baratta (original image for House Beautiful by Tria Giovan)


  1. squeal!!! this is divine! how refreshing to have a kitchen like this. and the trim on the island cabinetry is amazing.


  2. wow, i don't know if i like it really but it looks cool! yes, i like it... but i wouldn't want it :)

    hope you'll have a great weekend!
    xo, tiina