June 25, 2010

Fabulous Fabric Fridays...Burlap Fabric...

I was having technical difficulty last night and was unable to post...I apologize for the pics...not the best, but the color and texture are the focus...this is 100% Jute, a natural material used for rugs as well. Jute, or Burlap is simple, stylish, colorful and only $3.98/yard! Wouldn't it make great curtains or pillow covers?

Burlap Teal

Burlap Avocado

Burlap Delft

Burlap Mariners Blue

You can add a little color to your windows or accessories for very little cash and you are helping the environment...there are other colors too - visit the fabulous http://www.fabric.com/ for more ideas. The website will assist with any measurements you need too.

Have a great weekend! Are you doing anything special?


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