June 13, 2010

Weekend Inspiration...

I went shopping over the weekend and picked up some vintage plates...the blue and white is inspired by the new Veranda magazine which had two layouts with blue and white interiors...love these plates and the colors...do you?

Allertons Ltd. (England) Kenilworth plate above (really love this one!)

Homer Laughlin plates above (bought 4)...

The blue and white plates (Homer Laughlin again on the far right) inspired by Veranda, just visible above the plates -

Blue and white plate with room inspiration...
The light outside was a little tricky, so the picture-taking was challenging...do you like blue and white as well?
PS: I was not going to renew Veranda, but I read that Dara Caponigro will be the new editor...she was a big part of Domino, so I don't want to miss what she will do with the magazine in her new role!
(images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)


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