October 8, 2010

The Apron front sink...

Ok, first of all its Friday - whew! and I have not been able to do my 'Fabulous Fabric Fridays' column as I'm working late on Thursday nights and am a bit challenged with time. So, I will continue the column, but probably only once a month. I decided to do the same with 'The Green Scene.'  Please let me know any thoughts on this. Soooo, I am now working in a kitchen/bath showroom and work with so many beautiful products that I find myself planning what I will use in my dream kitchen and bath. On that note, I dream of owning one of these babies...but they cost about $1400 - this is the 'Cursive' on the Alcott sink above - I love this look with the cabinetry, the marble (!), pretty little knobs and that gorgeous faucet!!

This is the 'Evenweave' on the Alcott and again the whole scenario is gorgeous and I love the choice of faucet in the matte black (or possibly the oil rubbed bronze, I can't tell) - any favorite? do you have an apron front sink? do you like them as well? would you choose this for your kitchen?? DO SHARE! I would love to hear your opinions. See you back here tomorrow and have a great weekend!

(images courtesy kohler.com)

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