December 5, 2010

Spaahhh on Sunday...

I had such a busy week and worked yesterday so I didn't get a chance to post my usual kitchen pic. My co-worker and I were lamenting how we would love to own a Bain Ultra tub and then we added our own elements with Swanstone walls and sink counter in Tahiti Blue. Then we decided to add the the beadboard around the tub. Or you could do a marble effect...or change the color to green or white...either way, this is my idea for a chic bathroom:

Except it would be in Tahiti Blue...

Hmmm, what about the floor? Maybe a blue and white tile to match the Tahiti Blue...

The Bain Ultra is the kicker for me...a soaker is fine, but, let's face it - the air bubbles would be IDEAL! So, sit back and relax, its Sunday! Have a great week and thank you for visiting with  me here again, I love blogging for you.

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