January 18, 2011

Design match...

What do you think about matching patterns of wallpaper and curtains or furniture fabrics and wallpaper? Do you like it? I rounded up some photos to see the effect and I think it can be quite stunning depending on the patterns or colors.  A couple of the pictures you have seen here recently by Windsor Smith...

I love this bedroom - it gives this room importance to a stunning effect...

I quite like this as well...the pretty pattern in soft gray adds drama to the dining room...
(images Victoria Pearson; Design Windsor Smith)

The curtains match the bedspread here...
(image Thomas Loof; Design Susan Ferrier)

The curtain blends in with the wallpaper...
(image Jonny Valiant; Design Allison Caccoma)

The bed fabrics blend here with the wallpaper...
(image Frances Janisch; Designer Meg Braff)

Is this something you have done in your own home or for clients? Do share! and has the client been happy with the result?

(images and designs as noted above)

Do you love the way your home looks? If not, contact me at monacointeriors76@yahoo.com to create new space that makes you happy.  I am accepting online projects both large and small.


  1. loving that chair photo! lovely blog!

  2. Same with the chair loving! And those curtains too! I wonder how it looked like closed. Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  3. The French seem to do that a lot, Sarah. Looks good! Have a great weekend. xx

  4. i love love these rooms...so calm.very elegant and beautiful!!