January 26, 2011

I won!!...

I was so excited tonight when I got home and was going through my blogroll and checked Katie Denham's blog, Katiedid - to find out I won a beautiful book - 'Stealing Magnolias' - I am beyond thrilled and can't wait to get it in the mail!! In honor of the book I thought I would post photos of Southern design at its best by one of my all time faves, Hal Williamson - his work is simply stunning! Thank you to Katie and Glitterati for the chance to win this book - Visit Katie's lovely blog here.

Here is the book...can't wait to get this...

A magnolia and gorgeous chair...

One of the pictures that started it for me...the purple walls - 'Shantung' by Martha Stewart for Sherwin Williams...I actually got a swatch shortly after House Beautiful ran this story, and it is stunning...but, for me, the chairs, the painting, the crystals, the candlelight, every detail in this room is so beautifully photographed. And look at that fabric on those chairs!

The living room...I love this shot looking out to the hall where there is a photograph of a room...it almost looks like you are looking into another room on the other side of the hallway...and the purple walls...

The soothing blue bedroom...you can't see in this picture, but the silk curtains are monogrammed on pelmets...the shades, the silk cover - the little table between the windows...

The shabby blue chest, the silk sofa, pillows and the drum stool- and notice that little zebra rug!

Well, the green walls, curtain fabrics, pink rug, pink fabrics, white chandelier and the antiques - and maps! I love maps so this whole house just seemed to 'speak' to me as it is not a style of design I would have done. 

That's what I love about design - so many styles, so many different ways to look at things and be creative in individual ways.  There is no definite way to design a room or space - the designer's interpretation is so unique and that's what I love.

Kudos to the photographer for this portfolio - I think it is one of the reasons I find it so compelling.

Do you like this style of design? Would you have done this in a similar way? Or is it not your cup of tea?

I hope you are all having a great week! Thank you for visiting me, I so appreciate your support. We are getting ready for MORE snow here on the East Coast - brace yourselves!!!

(Interior Designer - Hal Williamson)
(Original Images for House Beautiful by John Kernick)


  1. Congratulations, Sarah! You deserve it! Hope you're surviving all the snow. xo

  2. Looks like a gorgeous book...love those dining chairs! Tracey xx

  3. Sounds like a wonderful read! That blue bedroom looks so gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx