February 19, 2011

Saturday in the kitchen...

Sorry I'm late with this post, I had to work today and then took a knitting class! I will show you my progress in the next couple of days...anyway, I love this kitchen for its totally rustic, earthy appearance and colors. It is so different than what most people expect from a kitchen so it is worth a look...

The floor is actually acid washed cement to give it a leathery appearance...very unique. The island and the walls are so rustic too. But, still quite sophisticated as you can see with recessed lighting. This looks like it should be in Montana or out west somewhere, but it would be more interesting if it was in, say, Ohio or Connecticut. Maybe a big beer is in order rather than tea, what do you think??

Have a great weekend!!

(original image for Country Living by Aimee Herring)


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