March 29, 2011

Bathroom walls...what would you do?...

Here is my dilemma: I rent my home so I can't wallpaper or paint my bathroom (which is not to say I can't get creative!). I have a long countertop that had too much stuff on it and a lovely little wicker shelf on the wall that, although pretty, just collected horrible amounts of dust. I decided to 'feng shui' the room and get rid of unnecessary stuff and change my storage (for loads of toiletry items) from a three drawer plastic cheapo thing to a pretty box. Maybe you know the feeling of looking at something the same way over time and just accepting it as part of the scenery (no, not your husband...but...).  I now have a blank space on the wall where the wicker shelf was and I'm wondering what to put up there, if anything at all.  Here are five bathrooms with great ideas for the walls - what would you hang in its place? a mirror? artwork?

I like the look of the symmetrical frames on the wall...
Design: Paolo Moschino; image Simon Upton

Love the blue & white of course, the frame and sconce...
Design: Joe Nye; image Luca Trovato

Fabulous bathroom and bird art...
Design: Kelley McDowell; image Victoria Pearson

LOVE this doesn't look like a bathroom and the symmetrical arrangement of art on the wall is beautifully done...
Design: Robin Bell; image Christopher Baker

Dig this wallpaper and the hats - that's different huh?
Design: Tom Scheerer; image Francesco Lagnese

I thought these were great examples of what to hang on your bathroom walls...what do you think? any suggestions for something unique or should I leave the wall blank?

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  1. I always love a great mirror. Even if it has an "antique" look and is more decorative than functional it could still provide a nice reflective quality in the space. Good luck finding something to suit your new blank canvas!