June 20, 2011

Q&A with Kellie from ADA & DARCY...

Welcome friends! Today I have a special interview with Kellie Collis from the gorgeous blog and online boutique, Ada & Darcy in Sydney, Australia. Kellie was kind enough to share some of her insights into blogging and running a business online. Enjoy!

1. When did design and decorating become apparent that it might be
a career path?

I had always been a creative type but for some reason decided at the time
that I should pursue a corporate career. After a lovely holiday I started to
think about whether I needed to do something creative and if my corporate
role was fulfilling everything I wanted. I love to decorate and also had the
business background so thought a balance of interior decorating and a retail
store would be a wonderful and complimenting choice for me. Since this idea,
I haven't looked back!

2. How did you start your online business?

I started my online business mainly through my blog which was a wonderful
platform for testing my ideas and receive honest feedback from my readers. I
spent a while thinking about what I wanted to do and what I wanted it to be
and took it from there. It was quite a challenge balancing a full time job with
the launch of the business but has been worth it all and looking back, I'm so
glad that I did it.
3. Where do you source your products?

I source my products from Australia and around the world. I have about 95%
of my cushions custom made from fabrics sourced from all different places
to create fabulous and affordable pieces for my lovely customers. I quite like
suppliers from the US as they have a similar aesthetic to what I like.

4. Do you design any of your own products?

I design the majority of all the cushions available, currently I'm designing
some textiles and furniture pieces for the store.

5. How has blogging enhanced your business?

Blogging has been a fantastic way for meeting new like minded people
and also to get a feel for what readers think of my ideas. I do spend a lot
of time and effort with my blog, I love being able to look back at things
that I have done or concepts that I have liked. Its also a wonderful
way for my readers and customers to see what I have been doing and
what new things have come into the store.

6. What is a typical day like for you?

A typical day is replying to lovely customers, packing up orders, ordering
stock, liaising with suppliers, quoting and talking to new design clients,
working on current projects, responding to PR requests, photographing
new pieces and doing posts for my blog. I also spend a bit of time seeing
what other lovely bloggers are up to....

7. Will you open a 'brick & mortar' location anytime in the future?

I'd love to open a physical store and it is definitely in my longer term plans.
Once my textiles/wholesale line is launched and up and running I'll
move on to that stage. So much to do!

8. Where do you find inspiration for yourself and your business?

I mostly find my inspiration from fabrics, magazines and the internet. I find
that I have bursts of inspiration and ideas and I always note them down.
Sometimes if I'm really excited about something I talk very quickly and
can confuse myself so I always write those things down just as they pop
into my head!

9. What is your favorite 'go-to' decorating tip?

If someone is unsure about what they like, stick with a neutral palette
on the walls and floors etc and build up the look with accessories.

10. What is your favorite color?

Sometimes aqua or lemon but mostly always pink of any tone!

11. How does living in such a vibrant city like Sydney influence your

I tend to love the areas of Sydney with lots of character and charm, I
love that part of decorating - the interesting bits that make people wonder
where you found that piece etc.

12. What is a favorite memory from your childhood?

Eating bubblegum ice cream!

13. What are your goals for the business and any new plans to
expand in the future?

I'm currently designing my textile range and furniture pieces,
once its established I'll work on the physical store.

14. What advice do you have for someone who wants to start an
online business?

My advice is what ever time you allocate in the set up or what time frames
people promise you that work will be done, always double, even triple it!

15. Are there any mistakes or missteps you have made with the
business that really taught you a valuable lesson?

When things didn't go as planned, I would take it personally and it would
make me worry. I've learnt that you can't control everything and sometimes
need to just let things be what they are. Its important for you to be honest
with people but always move on quickly, its not worth spending time being
frustrated with the way things were supposed to be.

16. Any tips for the new and old bloggers out there?

Stick to what you are passionate about and be yourself. Its much
easier to be you rather than be what you think you should be.

Images around Kellie's house...

Kellie's adorable 'girls'

Flowers in her house...

I hope you have enjoyed visiting with Kellie today and find her an inspiration like I do. Have a great day and stay tuned for more interviews with blog entrepreneurs!  If you haven't visited Kellie, her gorgeous boutique and her blog yet, please go here -

Thank you so much Kellie for your insights!!

(images Ada&Darcy)

Have a great day!

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  1. Kellie has great taste. An interesting interview :)

  2. Hi Sarah and Kellie! Sarah, I'm glad you 'located' me again, I've been away from my blog for some time now... travelling, working, planning, being engaged and planning our new home and the wedding... :) And now, in San Francisco on a 4 week holiday with my quy. Love looove USA!! dammit, I'm sad to leave on saturday, really! I'm writing my new list 'things to do before 40', and moving to California is on it! thumbs up my friends :)

    So Nice to back online though... i miss my creative corner, and will get back to my nerdy hobby soon! I also have some fab news, and quite suitable concerning Kellies plans. I'm going to launch my own home textile brand soon. I'm beyond excited!! More about it later!

    Take care now and I'll talk to you soon again :)
    xo, tiina