December 20, 2011

A simple tree...

As the day draws nearer, I wanted to share my Christmas tree with you. I always have a tabletop tree, but decided to go bigger.  Since I am on a budget, I bought my tree with lights for just $25.00 and its 6' tall.   It has only red and white candy canes and red bows on it and a sparkly red cardinal at the top.  I was going to hang ornaments, but it looks so pretty like this, I thought they would just gussy it up too much. It is a much simpler tree than I have ever had and I love it! I hope you have all your shopping and decorating done!!

Please excuse the mess to the right!! and the hideous black box to the left...(a TV of course, way bigger than I would like...) - that's an IKEA bookcase too...

I took this before I put the red cardinal on top of the tree - this pic shows a little silver sparkly bird from the Pottery Barn...

I couldn't resist my little boy Scooter settling in - though, he has been munching on the branches...naughty kitty! ;-))

Have a great day tomorrow!

(images by me)

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  1. I recently visited a friend - her tree was decorated with just lights - very simple, very chic, very refreshing. Mind you, their daughters are grown - no grand-children.

  2. Sarah--thank you so much for the nomination! I appreciate your encouragement, and will definitely do my best to pass it on to other bloggers with small followings! Merry Christmas!