April 13, 2012

Sexy in the showroom...

The new Kohler Bellera kitchen faucet is my new favorite go-to and I have been selling it to almost every homeowner who comes in the showroom. It is sleek, sexy, minimal and will look great on a granite counter with just one hole.  It is easy to clean around, gives you more counter space and is truly functional with a pause button (so you don't spray down the entire kitchen behind you!) and two different sprays. What do you think? Are you lovin' this??

Bellera Chrome faucet

Bellera Oil Rub Bronze faucet

Bellera Vibrant Stainless faucet 

You don't need to use the escutcheon plate -

Kohler's Bellera faucet in chrome, oil rub bronze and vibrant stainless are all under $300 - pretty good huh?

Kohler's new website is having some serious issues right now, so hopefully it will be running smoothly soon!!

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