July 27, 2012

5 MORE TIPS for downsizing...


Michael Taylor, the iconic interior designer credited with originating the 'California' look - light, bright and breezy in the '70's. He lived by this and its an adage we should all consider doing on a daily basis. 

Here are another 5 tips for your notebook:

1. Take all your old towels (you know you have them) and sheets to an animal shelter or hospital or find a drop-off for animal shelters that are always looking for old towels, comforters, blankets and sheets for their sick pets. This goes for pet food and toys too.

Lucy says 'donate now!!' and thank you...

Scooter says 'do the right thing and give us your old linens!'
...and thank you...

2. Got old 8 tracks?? Some of the younger bloggers won't know what the heck those are, but, they HAVE to go!!  Tapes? forget it...old movies on VHS? fuggedaboutit! (as they say in Jersey) -these
are great donations to a library, hospital or school...(in some cases, just chuck 'em out please)...

3. CLOTHES, uh-oh, this is a biggie and almost warrants its own column...If you haven't worn something for 3 months to a year, its time to go. It may look pretty on the hanger, but, really, its just decoration at this point. This goes for handbags, shoes and winter boots as well as winter coats or any kind of coats. Dress for Success (helping women look great for job interviews) Drama clubs, Goodwill, Salvation Army and various other charities are always looking for clothing. If you have a lot, fill out a tax form and collect at the end of the year.

This is a hat you may want to toss...a bit 
outdated don't you think??

4.  TOILETRIES - this is another big one. If you are like me, you collect hair and skin products just because you can and because you got a 'deal.' Well, truly how many mousses can one possibly use?? When not in use, these bottles are taking up precious real estate in the bathroom, linen closet or perhaps its spread to the bedroom. This is not good. The best place for these? How about a women's shelter? These products are great for women who have left abusive husbands or partners etc. who want to not only look good, but feel good.

5. PHOTOGRAPHS - this is another big one for us older bloggers. If you have hundreds, maybe thousands of photos like I did, I literally grabbed a glass of wine, plunked down on my living room floor and went through boxes of photos that took an entire afternoon. I threw out mostly scenic shots (you know 10 pictures of the Eiffel Tower or Leaning Tower of Pisa can only go so far, they're all the same!) and filled a Hefty garbage bag that was so heavy I could barely lift it.  I only kept those pictures that are meaningful and they are now downsized and organized accordingly in shoeboxes or similarly sized boxes. I felt great when I was done, because they were sitting in storage for the better part of 8 years. What good is that? 

BONUS FENG SHUI TIP: putting pictures of deceased relatives around the house or on your walls means that even in the spiritual world, they are actively looking out for you and protecting you. It can only be good. 

Should this stay or should it go?? Probably a keeper since its 
the Juliana and went down the Thames today carrying the Olympic torch!!

So, if you really can't part with certain things, put it all in a box, close it and check
back in a month or two...you won't even remember what's in there. So, like Michael
Taylor, when in doubt, take it out!!

(images by me unless noted)

Happy Olympics! Will you be watching the Opening Ceremony? I will so 


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