August 6, 2012

Breakfast for dinner...

Do you ever eat breakfast for dinner? I LOVE making eggs, usually scrambled for dinner - its light, good protein and filling. I will add broccoli since I love vegetables with eggs, toast with jam, a tomato and a Pinot Grigio.  My breakfast is usually a high protein and fiber about you? Any rituals in the morning or for dinner?

Yum! Breakfast for dinner!! ;-0

(images by me for Monaco Interiors)

Happy Tuesday! Soon...more Olympics on the TV tonight though...



  1. We often have omelets or scrambled eggs for dinner - I add a host of fresh veggies.....You will be seeing the Olympics before I do - I'm obsessed and staying up way to late to watch those events.....

  2. Fabulous new design Sarah! How are you? I'm good, enjoying the new baby and "vacation" as I'm away on maternity leave for the next 8 months or so... Hope you are doing great! Xo, tiina