September 29, 2012

Beauty product du jour...

I am stepping out of the design zone to bring you this message about a fantastic product I tried this week and can't believe how great it is! I wanted to share it with you and I am not getting paid to promote it.

I was shopping in my local Wal-Mart and I'm always looking for great shampoos for color-treated hair, when I found a 'Yes to Cucumbers' bottle on sale for $2.50 (regularly $10.00). It smells great  and thought I'd give it a try as its 'all natural' without the usual harsh ingredients found in shampoos (sulfate, parabens and petroleum). Well, let me tell you, my hair has NEVER looked better! I even skipped a styling product (I forgot) and my hair was LITERALLY shiny, bouncy and the color looked great. I have fine, straight hair but I have a lot of it, its not really thin. I also skipped washing the next day and my hair has never looked better, not greasy or weighed down like it usually does. Seriously, try this product and let me know what you think - I am amazed.  The 'Yes to Carrots' brand has skincare, body care, lip care, baby care and SPF care so do check it out online, I don't think you will be disappointed!

This product ROCKS!!

I didn't even buy the conditioner and my hair still looked

I may try this product next...and its an award winner -

Who doesn't want great looking skin as you age??

Check out this range of SPF products for the whole bod - ;-))
Definitely on my 'Gotta Have These' list!!

Have a great weekend and try some new products to get out of a rut, you'll be
glad you did!!

(images Yes to Carrots)

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