October 2, 2012

Gotta have these...! (on a budget)

Here are my picks for this week's items that I gotta have, but, on a budget. 

I will be honest with you - I am tired of seeing decorating items to buy in sleek magazines that just cost too much money. Not many people have $1,000 to drop on a sofa, let alone any other piece of furniture. Re-use pieces, paint them, decorate them, anything you can do to recycle will cost you far less money. So, I thought I would highlight items from big box stores - K-Mart, Wal-Mart and Target. You can find virtually anything for your home and it doesn't have to cost the earth. Good taste is good taste is good taste, no matter what. So, tell me, do you agree?  Does it seem like magazines are pushing really expensive items in the middle of a deep recession?

A great big red clock available at Target for $28.34 -
this is a price cut -

This gorgeous graphic comforter set from K-Mart is available
in both Full and Queen for $29.99 - and it is on trend -

Ok, this is my favorite - a PINK SLIM TV! This is available
in pink, white and purple for $209.98 - it is 32" and at 
just 2" it is ultra slim. I have wanted a white TV for ages -
who wouldn't love to get rid of the black 'carbunkle'  TV (as I 
call it) dominating your living room?? 

(images TargetK-Mart + Wal-Mart)

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't have hundreds of dollars to spend
on home decor items.  It is no wonder thrift, consignment and second hand
stores are doing so well right now, especially in the Northeast US.  Next week,
we'll explore other big box stores and what they have to offer for any 

Let me know your thoughts - thanks for stopping by!

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