September 25, 2012

Dear Design Diary...

I really LOVED every room in this home featured in the new Ivy & Piper magazine of Lady Chatterley's Affair blog's house.  Have you seen the issue? There is something so comforting and cozy yet simple and chic about the colors she uses against a white background. It is an aesthetic I truly love, how about you?  Feast your eyes:

What do you love here? I love the black + white paper, the 
gingham, the chair and chair fabric 

What do you love here? I love the fab gingham window treatment,
the blue lampshades, the colorful pillows, chairs and white walls

LOVE this room! The green and blue sofas, tables, lamp, 
gingham, white table and rug

Red, white and blue never gets old - and that chair!

Look how cute the baby is!! (and the subway tile here is wonderful) -
thank you TINA of Lady Chatterley's Affair for sharing pics
of your lovely home and the INSPIRATION! 

Visit her blog for more fun -
Read Ivy & Piper for more inspiration! 
I think I want to move to Australia, the design scene there
is so vibrant isn't it?

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  1. I would definitely join you on the move to Australia!
    Off to devour the Ivy & Piper issue

  2. We have been traveling, so I haven't been able to keep up with my blogging posts or comments, but I do love the way she has upholstered those traditional chairs in contemporary colors and prints. I have just recently started following Ivy & Piper - great inspiration.