September 23, 2012

Sunday around the cottage...

Happy Sunday! Its been a beautiful weekend here in New England and the sun is shining again so I will be going for a walk soon.  Nothing earth-shaking here, I just want to share my little purchase yesterday and what I had for breakfast today. Since the mornings are cooler, I thought I would buy myself some electrical heat to save money on propane and this little beauty was less than $70.00, so its a bargain, looks great and really works. See for yourself -

My little fireplace with simulated flames - from here
for similar - it heats up to 400 square feet

Stonewall Kitchen Pumpkin pancakes, Pure Maine Maple Syrup
and Britain's No. 1 tea - PG Tips -

YUM!!! Pancakes were delicious! 

Scooter hiding in the fireplace box...

Scenes from my week -Lake at the end of the day -

Waning sun...


(all images by Sarah for Monaco Interiors)

Hope you enjoyed my little photo essay and now time for a brisk walk!

Have a great SUNDAY and week!!

Thanks for stopping by - ;-))

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  1. Pancakes and that wonderful view - wow.... lucky you!

  2. Looks like you are in for a cozy Fall/Winter. And Pumpkin Pancakes?! Sounds like bliss.