February 7, 2010

Photography 102...

After setting up my photography studio, I decided to shoot two Cath Kidston items...I love her china and just bought this lovely little teapot yesterday to add to my tiny collection of one little mug!
After reviewing Leslie's great tips and a couple of other bloggers' tips, I think these look good. I have a lot of windows in my kitchen, and on the ceiling as well, so it was hard to control the light. I hung a sheer curtain to diffuse some of the light and actually figured out how to take these without the dang flash going off! I am very impressed with my Canon and didn't realize what I could do with it before because I never took the time to experiment. Well, shame on me!
I really enjoyed this exercise - I tried taking pictures like these when I was 18 (long ago!) with another Canon camera - the now-defunct Canon Canonet. I am just thrilled with these results and I hope Leslie will think so too. What do you think? did you set up a studio and follow Leslie's instructions? how did your pix come out?


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