March 28, 2010

Jennifer Aniston & denim in design...

Does this girl ever look bad? Not only is she stylish, but she always looks great in a pair of jeans. Which brings me to the fashion-design connection. Jeans are the ultimate icons of casual comfort and effortless chic. Denim and blues look equally great in a room designed for casual comfort. Here are some photos with looks that echo one another:

Jen looking swell in jeans, leather jacket and blue scarf...

Jen looking great in a ripped pair of jeans with high heels...


 Jen in my favorite outfit that is so easy to copy...chic, simple and a little more dressy with the black jacket and boots...

This room has denim on the sofas which is great for a chic and casual family room...notice the black coffee table echoing Jen's by Lynn Morgan (original image by Jeremy Samuelson)

 This is a gorgeous blue room seen on the cover of the March 2010 House Beautiful designed by Tobi Fairley. It has the added interest of different textures, similar to Jen's scarf in the first photo and her shoes in the second photo.  (original image by Francesco Lagnese)

This library is chic with simple lines and casual fabrics designed by Kristen Panitch
(original image by Mikel Vang)

(images of Jennifer Aniston, various AP)

Do you have denim fabrics in your home? if not, where might you like to add them?


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