August 15, 2010

Things I can't live without...

My new blogging friend over at asked what things I can't live without so I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit today: 

Bare Escentuals is the BEST PRODUCT for the face - if you are looking for a foundation that doesn't look like you are wearing a foundation - totally natural and makes the skin glow!! I highly recommend it!!

This is a great product for eye puffiness as well as fine lines...LOVE THIS...

This is available in the US now after I first bought it in England...this product doesn't give you 'helmet head' -
 Just discovered this beautiful bronzer for a great price -

 I love this scent from the Body Shop - I've been wearing it for YEARS and its affordable!
 I'm obsessed with SPF - I don't leave home without it and this is great protection and goes on light...:))
 This classic changed my skin...I recently read Kylie Minogue swears by it and the sales went through the roof!! Good stuff...
 I have been wearing my trusty Timex for years too - another classic that is stylish and keeps me on time!! Plus I can see it in the dark when I need to!

 This is just one mag obsession but I can't live without several fashion and design mags...

I admit it...I can't tear myself away from blogging and can't live without my blog on a daily basis...

 My beloved little kitty cat Scooter is a daily highlight - he is diabetic so I give him 2 shots a day and he is 15 him so much...xx

I really love my car - its a Bug and its speedy, economical, looks great and I have a little vase with 2 flowers in it - its always fun to see kids 'punch' each other as I drive by (playing the 'punch buggy' game) -

That's it for me - I hope you enjoyed looking through this list - what favorites do you have that you can't live without?? Do share!!

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