April 3, 2011

Spaah on Sunday...the list...

Sunday is a great day for relaxing, doing nothing, kerfuffling, reading, watching mindless TV or...taking a relaxing bath...let's go to the spa...:)

For total well-being here is a list of the best reasons to have a spa on Sunday -

*to relax the muscles
*feel weightless in water
*clear the mind of negative thoughts
*focus on breathing
*think positive thoughts

A little light music might help and a good book or magazine with something comfortable to prop your head up will add to the ambience. We will explore other bath experiences next week, but for now, enjoy this picture and let 'Calgon take you away!'

This is the sort of bathroom I envision for the perfect spa...the claw foot tub, soothing colors, soft furnishings and beautiful wallpaper. This is a woman's room for sure. Hope you have a relaxing Sunday!

(image idealhome.co.uk)

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1 comment:

  1. That IS a perfect bathroon, Sarah! Have a great week. xo