August 3, 2012

Before + after window in the cottage...

I am trying to make some little changes here in my little home and thought I would share one with you. First, I need a little more privacy, so I bought a 72" matchstick blind for $15.00 - I have to be a big bargain hunter these days...I love the look and although its not a 'black-out' blind, it adds some great texture and a little privacy to the room:

Windows before:

Please excuse the air con but I need it!
I just have some sweet little valances on the windows;
I painted this room last year with a warm white from
Sherwin Williams -the walls had been a pale blue -

Window After:

The reason I love these blinds is that they don't require any 
work other than slamming a nail in the wall with a
hammer, which is about all I can do...notice my
kitty Scooter checking the new look out!
I leave them up about halfway all the time and they look great.

Do you love adding texture to a room? Have you tried these matchstick
blinds in your home? 

(images by me)

Have a very happy Friday! ;-))

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  1. Definitely much better:) I have used those also to create the appearance of a window to balance out an oddly laid out room. Love the kitty too:)

  2. I love matchstick blinds - you're right they add a lot of texture and provide privacy and light control when you need it....It is definitely an improvement. I have also used them on the deck and patio area..... Have a great weekend!

  3. I haven't used these but always keep them on the list for all of the reasons listed above (texture, light filtering, etc) Hope you have a great weekend enjoying your room's new look!

  4. (sorry Sarah, that last message was from me :-)