October 6, 2012

Beauty product du jour...

Stepping out of the design box again today, I want to share a beauty product that is fantastic I have tried recently. I am not getting paid to endorse this product, these are products I am using or have tried that I think you may want to try as well.

I was in my local CVS, and prices being what they are for skin care - i.e., rather high, I am always on the lookout for reasonable products that are high quality but don't cost the earth. I used to sell several lines of skincare, so I am familiar with skincare and love learning about new lines. I came across Lumene, a Scandinavian company that offers little trial products for $3.99 .  A 'time freeze' night cream that looked like something my skin could use at the right price.  I love it! If you are looking for a cream that will firm, tone and make your skin look brighter, this is it.  It is light, not greasy, goes on easily and is fine for sensitive skin. I highly recommend it. I recently bought the day firming cream with SPF, and have listed a couple of other products I want to try.  Would you try Lumene? Is it what you need?

This is a great cream for daily use...

I want to try this soon -

Vitamin C can be drying, so use with caution if you have
sensitive skin -

This is the first product I tried and I love it -

I would love to try these for my night routine -
You will notice that the prices are very reasonable as well -

For more information go here and to purchase go here -

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Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I did try their moisturizer once and really liked it (I ultra sensitive skin). Funny side note, a friend was visiting from Finland and found it funny that I could hop down to the local CVS and buy this because apparently in Finland it is a very high end/expensive line of products.