October 12, 2012

Gotta have these...on a budget!

As promised, I am bringing you more home decor products from big box stores for those of you who still want chic without the high cost.  I look through some decorating magazines and wonder who is spending hundreds of dollars on a lamp because I know its not me!  Well, if you can afford it, great, if not, there are always creative ways to find out how to stay on trend within a budget.  Happy weekend and happy shopping!

Thank you Amazon for this affordable room divider screen -
so pretty and affordable at $61.20 - info here

Gorgeous yellow and white duvet cover from Target
and it costs $29.99 in Queen - go here

Pretty bottles for fall decoration won't set you back, but
will add some color to your kitchen - from Big Lots, these
are just $4 each -

How pretty is this light for your front door or porch from Lowe's? -
This is only $32.98 and will add some chic to your house; go 

I hope you like my picks and again, I am not paid for any endorsement, 
this is strictly my own opinion and recommendations to help you find 
great products for the home that don't cost a mint.

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great weekend! ;-))

(images amazon.com, target.com, biglots.com and lowes.com)

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  1. I need to stretch my decorating dollar as far as it will go and love to find bargains - I always think of it as "the thrill of the hunt." I'm going to look for those bottles - they would be a great addition to our space. Have a great weekend!