October 7, 2012

The Snow White home...

I am a huge fan of the ABC hit show 'Once Upon a Time' and I have done a couple of previous posts about the fabulous sets on the show.  Since tonight is the second episode of the season, I thought I would showcase Snow White's aesthetic again via my Pinterest board.  Pinterest is a great way to put together boards (of any style or anything you want) with photos of this shabby chic aesthetic that I love.  Please comment if you like the pics too -

photo Trevor Trondo
Is this room perfect for Snow or what?

Photo Maria Carr 
 Flowers in Snow's house -

via and via

Is this spectacular??

Perfect for Snow and Charming...;-))

Photo John Reed Forsman

Are you hooked on this show? I love it!

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Happy Sunday!!

and watching the show -



  1. "Spectacular" definitely is an accurate description for these beds and I am a fan of the show too.

  2. What a cozy living room...especially the cliche in the faux fireplace... cute idea.

  3. Hello Sarah!
    I've never seen the show, but these white interiors are terrific. White is always a hit in my book! xo