July 21, 2013

Green Design notebook...Velux blinds and windows...

I have often wondered why we are not tapping in to the power of the sun.  On walks I notice how many houses are right in the sun all day and why the builders didn't add solar panels or windows to harness all this energy. I understand its not an option yet, but going forward I would love to see most houses built with these options so we are not so dependent upon oil, gas and electricity.  So, if you had the chance to replace windows or add some windows at the top of your house, would you?  Not only can you let natural light in the house, but, you can control the amount of light coming in with blinds.  How practical would this be? I personally love a house that gets tons of natural light and it would be a sticking point for renting or buying a home. I need curtains and blinds opened in the morning to let in as much light as possible don't you?  I don't know, the curtains drawn all the time seems a bit depressing. 

So, if you had the chance, would you add more windows or better yet, add windows on top of the house? I would!  I could open up the whole roof if I had my way. So, if you did this there is a company that caters to this need and it would add style and practicality to the home. 

VELUX blinds is a company that includes both solar panels, windows and blinds in a one stop shop. So, for those of you with a house that has an attic or room at the top of the house that you would love to open up and add a whole new look, this is a place you should shop. If you want windows that offer more ventilation and sunlight, check, if you want windows that save energy, check, if you want electronic blinds to control the light coming in to your house, check.  VELUX blinds has you covered, literally, for all your needs. 


Blinds available in a variety of different colors to match your

Electronic operation for your light filtering and black out needs;

Blinds in different positions on the windows;

Solar powered skylights with all the fantastic advantages;

Curb mounted VCM/VCE

Great idea for ventilation in the bathroom;

Pan-flashed fixed, QPF

Let the light in!!

(all images VELUX blinds (UK) and VELUX blinds (USA))
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Can you decide which you would prefer?  I love all the options and would really 
like the solar powered windows with electronic blinds.  With different colors
and options to fit your budget.  

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  1. We are considering solar for our house - since we live in sunny California - it just makes sense. That said, I would also take the option of the solar operated windows with electronic operated blinds.
    Have a great weekend.